Mike Evans Jerusalem

Dr. Michael Evans: Fighting for Israel

An author, journalist, Middle East commentator, evangelist and Christian Zionist, Dr. Michael David Evans is a man with a mission. That mission is to empower Israel, fight for her survival and for that of the Israeli people. He accomplishes this by acting as an emissary, an outspoken proponent of Israel. Case in point: In 2002, Dr. Evans along with former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert founded the Jerusalem Prayer Team — the largest group of its kind, active in nearly 200 countries, worldwide. As the President of this organization, Evans appeals to the global population to come together as one and pray not only for Israel’s right to exist, but that she may prosper, and grow in strength and numbers. Also through his Jerusalem Prayer Team ministry, Mike Evans is achieving his goal of engaging world leaders on Israel’s behalf.

Career Highlights and Affiliations

Dr. Michael Evans is also a prominent Middle East analyst and a top-notch journalist who delivers thought-provoking commentary on affairs of the Middle East. He has made guest appearances on a plethora of network television shows and radio broadcasts such as Good Morning America, CNN’s Crossfire and World News, Nightline, and the Fox Network, to name a few. His articles frequently appear in such notable publications as The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The Washington Times, and The Jerusalem Post. In addition, Mike Evans is the acclaimed producer of 18 documentaries in Israel, for which he is the recipient of several Excellence in Media Angel Awards.

Mike Evans is currently the Executive Director of The Corrie ten Boom Fellowship a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and serves as Chairman of the Board to the Corrie ten Boom Foundation in Ha’arlem, Holland, which is associated with the ten Boom Holocaust Museum. He founded Churches United with Israel, Inc., the Middle East Media Group, the Evans Institute of Middle East Studies, and The Jerusalem World News.

The Connection with Israel

Michael Evans was just 11-years-old when he experienced “a dramatic encounter with Jesus Christ,” after being choked by his abusive, alcoholic father— and left for dead. It was then that God assured him of His love and that there was a definitive plan and purpose for his life. Evans states that his Jewish roots—his mother was a non-observant Jew whose parents emigrated from the Soviet Union—serve to impart in him an irrevocable, heartfelt connection to the land of Israel as well as the Israeli people. Thus, providing him with the impetus to organize and lead numerous ministries in support of Israel and the Jewish people.